How does works?

Rules of the competitionThe regulation of (international version) and (italian version) is very easy. Our community is dedicated to girls who love long hair and hair care.

To be one of our models you have to register for free at our site and send a minimum of 8 photos or more of your long hair. Once your photos will be approved by our staff you will be able to get votes from your friends and our vistors.

To get extra points, to climb the charts, you only have to update the photos of your hair. You can update them just one time per month, sending a minimum of 8 or more new pictures, just logging into the website with your username and password and clicking on the "Update" button. Every update helps you to get from a minimum of 100 extra points to a maximum of 500 extra points assigned according to these elements: beauty and hair care, hair length and quality of pictures. If you post a video you can get from a minimum of 100 extra points to a maximum of 300 extra points for each video, you can upload up to 3 videos per month!

At the end of the year, the girl with the highest score will get the title of Best Hair Model and she will receive great visibility in our social networks: websites, Facebook, Google and YouTube official channel.

At the end of the year, we will announce these special awards: Miss Hair Europe (for the best european model), Miss Hair Italy (for the best italian model registered on, Miss Hair North America (for the best north american model), Miss Hair South America (for the best south american model), Miss Hair Asia (for the best asian model) and Miss Hair Oceania (for the best model from Oceania). Each winner will receive a medal in her profile on and a great visibility in our social channels. To receive theese awards, each hand model must send at least 3 updates during the year.

Also on models can receive donations from their fans and our visitors, directly from their profile pages. 70% of every donation will be credited to the model, so they can earn by simply inserting and updating photos of their hair, without any effort!

This competition rewards the real models effort to grow and take care of their natural hair. We will not accept pictures of fake hair or extensions. We will only accept photos of natural hair. Also are not tolerated repeated votes and any trick to fake models scores, in which case the scores of models will be penalized and, in serious cases, they will be excluded from the competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Become now one of our models. Subscribe now, it’s free!